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Hartenbos MTB Challenge 26th Dec 18

After racing the Stillbay MTB race “Windpomp Jerrie” and finishing 2nd on the 50km I
entered the Hartenbos MTB challenge 70km Elite, The route is very much like the first stage
of the Cape Pioneer so I hear from the riders that have competed.

Hartenbos Start

The start of the race was very slow until the first section of single track I think the Christmas lunch
the day before was playing a part.

Hartenbos 2018 Route
The race split with the front 6 Riders getting a gap on myself and one other rider at about 45km
I really enjoyed this route with the perfect balance of single track and gravel road.

Hartenbos 2018 Podium
End result
1st Rinus Maarsingh (Winning time: 02:45)
2nd JP Gerber
3rd Ednard Louw

7th Ray Cox




Strava Data: https://www.strava.com/activities/2036934385


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