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Kynsna 2016 Road Race

Kynsna Cycle Tour 2016

Another year has pasted, and yet again Knysna has hosted a freaking awesome event, registration was super easy and the hospitality in the town was always great.
Thank you Oyster festival organisers.

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So what was missing from this years version compared to last years event? Other than a salt covered face and the feeling that I was going to die from a build up of lactic acid.
The speed of the Elite bunch wasn’t super fast about 22minutes slower than 2015, the only three teams willing to race out on the road was Alpha Body works, Giant and Telkom.

Driving to the race the “ICE” icon popped up on my car’s dashboard, a freezing 0ºC on the start line, so we rolled out and for the first hour we were trying to defrost.

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After the turn around Brandon Christians (Alpha Body works) and Tim J (Team Giant) attacked and got a huge gap on the bunch the only team willing to chase was Telkom, Johan Rabie put in some serious effort to get these two back. As soon as they got caught the bunch sat up, no crazy counters or any fireworks.

On the main climb to Karatara I was waiting for a bomb to go off, this would surely be a true litmus test to sort out the who’s who. Darren Lill injected some serious pace into the bunch, man this guy can climb…
Bang everybody was gasping for air and riders started to drop, I was just behind the front split on the back foot, I kept my calm ready to attack across after the small town at the top, Giant went to the front keeping Evan in contention. This surely was the break of the day but yet again the guys in the break up front got reeled in after about 4km of chasing. “Crazy to think because almost all the teams were in that move and it should’ve stuck.”


The Final climb to the end was hard but the speed was not break-neck and the bunch kinda meandered down to the finish line, I took a flyer at about 2 km to go giving it 110%  just before the last corner I got caught by Telkom. It was worth a try because I knew the sprint would be chaotic.

Ok, I finished in the main bunch just behind the sprint, but really from my side I thought the racing would be far more aggressive. I’m happy with my form all those late nights on the rollers watching my Stages Power Meter numbers really help.

Heres a comparison from last years race to this year,
2015 More hills, faster and I tasted blood half the time…


Kynsna Stats-Kynsna


I will be back 2017 this event can not be missed, to all the riders that took part well done and if you driving back this week, do it safely.


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