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Night Crit Victory & Cycle In The City

The past week promised to be tough, there were some big names down from upcountry in Cape Town for the Omnium Track Champs with their teams but I love hard racing out of my comfort zone.


Race 1, The Killarney night criterium is usually a Capetonian only affair but there was the added element of the Team Eurocar SA squad that arrived on the start line these guys mean business attacking from the gun these guys really bring the racing, attack, counter attack and attack.


They put me in the red but staying calm just waiting for that one attack that seemed to stick, after 15 minutes of racing, Fourie “Eurocar” got a solid gap staying away solo, every body seemed pretty chilled, this was my cue to attempt to bridge across.

Spooling up that eleven I jumped with a certain Kent Main from Eurocar in my slip, knowing he wasn’t gonna roll through with me in pursuit of his team mate. We eventually made the junction and straight away we all started working together we were later joined by Chris Cronje from Team Giant I saw Theuns Van Der Bank helped Chris to jump across, good team work guys.

Now with 35 minutes togo there was no messing about, no soft pedalling, it was flat out positive racing to the bell lap. Heading into the final lap I wasn’t sure who would jump which one of these guys had a good sprint, so I sat second wheel letting James Fourie do all the pacing, he flicked his elbow to suggest me to roll through but I wasn’t budging and as we hit the final bend I kicked the element of surprise gave me about 3 bike lengths and I managed to hold on to the win, I was so happy to take this one with these respectable riders present.


Next stop was the Engen Dynamic Cycle In The City.
Big thanks to the people involved with this event, Ciska and her team really put on a show and it really helps the road cycling scene with this type of event.


My plan was to go from the gun pace for 4 laps and fall back in to the top 5-10 riders until the end or cover an attack, every thing was going to plan from the gun I strung out the bunch having the whole shot through every corner saves some energy but I felt my bike was acting up it felt “soft” then disaster struck


I had my rear tubby roll off sending me towards the barrier, you’re allowed a laps grace if you have a technical difficulty in this race so I ran to the officials grabbed a rear wheel from the race backup “Thank you, John Lee” but on rejoining the bunch I felt the wheel wasn’t set up to my bike, pity I was feeling so good so I had to pull off , I’m really upset I couldn’t use my form to its fullest on the day but again I’m happy I never broke my collar bone or lost skin. On closer inspection of the wheel its as if the heavy braking melted the glue, next time I’m using industrial strength glue or as Brett from HED said rather use Tufo Tubby tape.

Big thank you to Chris Willemse Cycles and all my sponsors for the support this year we are almost done with 2015 5 more races to go, that doesn’t mean we taking a break its the build up to SA champs 2016.

Pics Duncan Hoole Photo, Double ST thanks gents and Marc!





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