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Product Review: Cuore 2 in 1 Speed Suit

Cuore 2 in 1 Speed suit.


Ok so we all wanna go fast, slamming your stem to the ground, aligning your cables out of the wind, 60mm aero carbon wheels, dual pivot aero brake callipers and aero helmets the list goes on but one area so many racers miss completely is a proper race outfit or suit.

The trend of late are racers using speed suits a glorified skin suit with pockets but with Cuore they’ve taken it a couple steps further designing a product from the ground up to accommodate the rider and ride position aerodynamically and keeping in mind the comfort and practicality factors.


First and foremost this suit is a bib and jersey in one hence “2 in 1″, no bib straps with a full zip.
Aerodynamic testing and intensive R&D have gone into this suit and is evident when you first try the suit on, sitting on my machine it fitted like a glove, there was no loose fabric and no uncomfortable areas.
Once in a riding position I noticed all the seams that held the garment together ran parallel with oncoming airflow or at the rear of the arms and legs to keep airflow consistent.
Cuffs, being a custom suit I opted for the longest arm and legs why you ask, it has been proven that aero material is more aerodynamic than bare skin this is evident in the swimming world with full compression suits being banned. With your biceps normally running 90º to the frontal air flow this makes sense same goes for the legs. The silicon dots on the legs are pretty awesome very grippy and you don’t feel constricted at all and the Arm cuffs are laser cut so no excess stitching.
Suit texture, Cuore use a awesome unidirection textile for areas with high airflow and contour ensuring the panel forms to the body shapes. The moisture management is also amazing, a good jersey will wick sweat away from the body and regulate body temperature, I always wear a sleeveless mesh vest under my clothing this helps with sweat and in the case of a crash can save some skin from burning.
Extras I have opted for the ‘Communication Pack’ a dedicated water resistant pocket to stow your iPod away with a headphone port and dedicated piping running on the inside of the suit for all your music needs.
Coure 2 in 1 has many advantages over a standard skin suits / speed suits.
• Full zipper that opens like a standard jersey. You can go for a nature break a lot easier and unzip when the heat gets to intense on a long climb.
• Pockets for storing away gels, bars and spare goodies.
• Media communication integration, Ok we don’t race with race radios but this system will keep your iPod safe and sound without your headphone cables flying all over the place.
• The 2 in 1 system is lighter than conventional bib and jersey systems.IMG_3709

Coure Custom program, these guys not only super efficient and helpful when it comes to sizing and fit but the colors are amazing check the Cipla Nutrition Orange is a 287 Pantone and look how they matched it… Spot on. They do an extensive range of cycling goods from caps to rainwear and will be able to meet all your needs.IMG_5076
A watt saved is a watt gained and the guys at Cuore have not cut any corners with their design here when it comes to fit and performance gains.

Custom Orders South Africa, please contact:
Raoul de Jongh
0823377123 or mail


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