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Race Report: PPA Vida Sportif 4

Having scored dismal points the past two races I had an point to prove, I looked at the profile and saw the first half of the race was bumpy but I knew on this course its an waiting game for the last 15km.


The start was fast with riders attacking the bunch constantly but no one was getting an gap, the tactic from Stellenbosch Cycling was evident they didn’t want any Giant Riders to break away even if the rider wasn’t a threat to the league.


The main climb was an block head wind and the bunch coasted over the top, Now I moved to the front of the peloton knowing a crosswind could break the bunch up in no time towards Wellington.


In Wellington the action started with some big attacks coming from all the teams, Greg De Vink putting in a flyer I latched on to the slip of Rohan Du Plooy with Jack Van Wyk whom were bridging across, Now I was really hurting up the drag past the Florida Farm stall. Was this the move, the main break of the day? No again the bunch reeled us in but by the teams that were represented in the break? – Yes strange very strange!!!!


15km togo, Again myself, De Vink Du Plooy, Cronje and Van Wyk broke away up the drag to the Paardeberg road, Now I was hanging on for dear life with Cronje.
“Its really evident that Rohan had been in Europe his power was really impressive.”
I couldn’t match the power, Its almost like you don’t have that extra 5% you need to roll through and I got “Shelled” out the break.


Damage control, the bunch caught me at 5km to go and now I had to sprint for 4th and managed to get 8th place on the day.

I’m not totally unhappy with my result but getting dropped by the front 3 is a bitter pill to swallow, now comes the hard work to build form to turn this result into an podium next time.

Thank you to the organizers for a safe and great event I really like this venue!


Q & A. I Got asked what nutrition I use for the warmer races in the season.

Heres my race nutrition for yesterdays race.
Pre-Race Skratch Hyper Hydration 30min before the start.
During the Race Skratch Hydration Mix.
During the Race Snacks are rice cakes self made & Skratch Labs Fruit drops
Post Race Recovery. Scratch endurance mix.







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