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Product Review: Look Keo 2 Pedals


The Look Keo 2 pedal is LOOK’s latest Flagship model, At first you will see the pedal is flatter in profile therefore more aero dynamic and the surface area of the pedal has been increased for optimal power transfer.


Whats in the box

The LOOK Keo 2 packaging is sleek and classy, what you receive:
• Pedals
• Set Grey (4.5 degrees float) Non slip Cleats
• Cleat Covers
• 6 Screws 5 X 11 mm and 6 washers
• Pedal Manual
• Look Decal



Aerodynamics have been playing a huge roll in product development of late, it is a evident trend with road skin suits with zero stitching, Aero road helmets and bikes with aero brakes. If you want to squeeze more speed out of your machine this pedal system will suit you.
The front profile of the pedal is super sleek and compact you will notice theres 2 channels running along the side of the center blade for optimal air flow.


Carbon Blade

You have 3 options  regarding the Blade release tension 12Nm yellow, 16Nm red and 20Nm blue these are indicated on the bottom of the blade.
I’ve used the 16Nm red blade the past 3 years and have had no issues of unclipping in a sprint or on the track.

The Look Keo 1 had the blade on the side of the pedal, Look shifted the blade into the center of the pedal I can only imagine this is a safer place for the blade to be, with reports in the past of riders crashing only to find after the race the blade was damaged in the crash on the Keo 1.


The Pedal chassis/body

The pedal chassis is injection moulded carbon fibre, and the power transfer area is metal giving the pedal the strength and rigidity. The stack height has also been improved giving the rider a closer connection to the axil and bike.

Spindle & Bearings

The Spindle is available  in two options Ti “Titanium” & CR “Chromoly” the bearings are two ball and one needle bearing.
I’ve never had to service my pedals but your local VELO LOOK agent will be able to direct you to a service center, the South African agent has superb service so spares wont be a problem if needed.


Cleats, Float Options and fitment

Three options are available RED 9 degrees float, GREY 4.5  degrees float and Black 0 degrees float. (Float – pedal float refers to the amount of mobility your foot has when it’s clicked into the pedal )

Why is pedal float important in cycling, People with knee issues are usually advised to ride with a high degree of pedal float, I would recommend if you new to cycling or recovering from injury use the RED cleats.

Zero float, If you are using the black cleats be sure to have your setup done by an professional bike fitment person this can help reduce the risk of tendonitis.

Each cleat uses a 3 screw/washer system to fasten the cleat to the base of your cycling shoe. A basic rule is that your ball of your foot should be directly above the axil of the pedal, BUT THIS IS NOT CONCRETE please consult a bike fitment person regarding your cleat placement. Two cyclists with identically proportioned feet might prefer different cleat positions depending on their strengths, no two persons will share the same position. I cannot stress how important cleat setup is.


The ride

One will notice that the clip in has a louder noise and more assuring feel than previous models, the one thing I have noticed is the pedal needs a flick to reposition when clipping in this but becomes habit, the Keo 1 used to reposition its self with the front of the pedal  at the top when not in use.

Once clipped in you can be sure you wont simply clip out, in a sprint or attack, the ride is very stable and you feel one with your bike as promised by Look.

Clocking in about 4000km on my current pair I have yet to run in too a issue and I’m sure I will be able to clock up many many more.


Pedal weight.

With everyone paranoid with keeping their bikes weight down, remember its no use your bike being at the UCI  6.8kg and you have heavy cleats under your shoes as with some pedal systems.

Keo 2 CR comes in at 110 grams a pedal.
Keo 2 TI comes in at 90 grams a pedal.


My Verdict

These pedals should be your go to pedal,with a huge improved power transfer surface area you feel faster and more confident with a set of LOOK KEO 2 pedals under your feet.



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