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Lady Loch WP winter league race

WP Cycling has been doing a splendid job with the racing lately.  This weekend we rode the Lady Loch circuit, the same circuit as used by the SA Champs this year.

The two categories before us were delayed by fog, so we had to move our start times (glad WP puts the safety of the riders first).  By 10:30 we were all lined up and ready to go.


The opening lap was fast, with everybody shadow-boxing, and included some small attacks.  This time of year you don’t really know what to expect.  Some riders put in the training during winter and some don’t, but you kinda know who’s the danger men.

During lap 4 the first big split occurred when Theuns Van Der Bank attacked in the wind.  We forced a solid move with all the teams present, BUT some guys just sat on- which I don’t understand, because when the bunch was reeled back in, the same guys launched attacks!? Don’t understand their “weird” team tactics, and at 80 km from the finish! (Video Below)


After following potentially dangerous moves, I attacked lap 6 on the downhill (off the highest point of the circuit).  A soft move, but I managed to get a 20 second gap.  Pushing on, I saw the bunch wasn’t chasing.  I tried keeping my 10s average on about 320 Watts (using my Stages Dash) and kept the gears rolling, knowing the guys behind me would do more or less the same in certain sections.

Stages Power

During lap 6, Shameeg Salie (Alpha Bodyworks) was bridging the gap, so I waited for him and we worked well together, increasing the gap between us and the peloton to about a minute.  We managed to hold the gap for a full lap and a half, before some riders started counter attacking the peloton and joined us.


During the last lap, I knew that winning would be a tall order as I went flat out for the last 3 laps.  I was digging deep.  Luckily I could top up my energy levels by using SkratchLab’s Fruit Drops and Hydro Mix.  I wasn’t going to cramp up, so I was going to take a flyer on the final gallop to the line.  Launching my sprint,  I got a gap but quickly went backwards. I just didn’t have the legs in the end – a real pity, because I know on “summer form” I would have a chance of dominating this course.

Next weekend it’s Killarney.  See you there!




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